"What I get emotionally from painting is a creative outlet that doesn't have any rules..."
Do you find acting more fulfilling than painting?
I find acting to be fulfilling in a way that painting is not and I find painting to be fulfilling in a way acting is not. I believe I need both and I utilize both to the best of my abilities as often as I can.
Do you have a particular piece right now that specifically speaks to you?
Storms of Winter right now has got to be my favorite piece. I just really love the depth of it and some pieces come easily and some come hard. This one happened to be fairly easy to do, yet it seems more complicated than ones I have worked at for hours.
Why did you start painting?
I started painting because I had been looking for a creative outlet that didn't have rules my entire life. At the end of the day acting has rules, producing has rules, writing has rules, painting doesn't have rules. Because of it I treasure it probably more so or equal to acting.
Is there a particular artist style that inspires you?
I'm a huge fan of Rothko, I love Basquiat, I also love Pollock, but then again what abstract artist doesn't.
Was there a reason you chose to do abstract art as opposed to more traditional literal art?
I love being able to paint without having to have a subject. If I have a subject at all it's usually emotion, texture, movement or color. Those are the most attractive to me.
Do you color choices have to do with your moods or emotions when painting?
Depending on where I'm at when painting. will reflect where I'm at emotionally. The colors I chose the movement thats displayed, or if I'm trying to paint nature, the ocean, or if I'm trying to paint something that isn't subjective at all, then usually it effects where I'm at in my mind at that point.
So would you say you chose bright colors when your feeling happy, and dark colors when your sad? Or the opposite?
Sometimes I use bright colors when I'm not in a really good place and sometimes when I'm in a really good place (emotionally) I feel more confident using darker colors, more pale, bleak if you want to call it that.
Do you prefer splatter, blends, or the spray paint techniques you use? Or Do you have a preference?
I don't really have a preference because I have a favorite in each of the styles. I hope as I continue moving forward that I create more styles that intertwine with each other and also separate themselves from the others.
Ultimately whats your goal with painting?
To be financially successful so that I can continue to create on a daily basis and hopefully touch as many people as I possibly can.
Several of the fans and customers have commented that when they see certain pieces they seemingly speak to them. How does that make you feel?
I think that is for me the greatest honor, to have someone feel something from my work. I feel so much when I'm making it I hope its reciprocated when they look at it.

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